Will PvP Ever Get Fixed?


Over a yr ago I reported cheats/hacks/bugs within the raid system and attached vids and screenshots. These issues are still in abundance. They occur most frequently in wars, then territories, and lastly raids. I know I am certainly not the only one who has seen this trash. I get that some of the issues are game wide, but many others are player specific. Toons ignoring the effects of stun and impair while symbol remains present for and untreated for the 2-3 turn durations, neutralize cancelling out stun and impair, the last toon standing reviving itself with full hp, insane def as high as 8808%, targeting system that goes totally random, etc. Will these issues ever get corrected, when, are they being worked? What are the players who play fairly to do in the mean time? I’d like to not quit, not see anymore great players quit for these reasons among the many, and would love to see this game succeed properly. I’d happily wait for any new content until the current issues are fixed. How ever can this game be fixed if the only focus is on leeching profits? There’s no money to be had if their are no more customers.


Low key, I’ve never seen anything close to 80% of the things you mentioned. Closest I’ve heard is about Neutralize cancelling Impair, but that was fixed quite a while ago.


Please post videos of each issue that you can and we’ll see about reproing to get a fix in. We always want to resolve bugs that occur in the game.

Edit: or describe in detail what happens so a repro can be had.


Issue now is if my recorder is running the hacks/bugs will not happen. Screen shots can’t capture flaws that can only be seen in motion. I no longer have the screenshots and vids of these things from a year ago. I’ll continue trying to capture these things on video. Maybe it’ll get lucky it’ll work for once with video rollin.


There has been quite a lot of fixes to issues that used to happen in combat, such as some animation issues where characters were dead but visually looked alive. By all means, when you see an issue, report it here and flag @CombatMan or @CombatDevIl and we’ll look into the issue to get it resolved.