Will previous accounts that were bnd be able to log in again?

Before this new temporary bns some people got permanent bns for harramsent. It seems unfair that those bns are permanent and these ones are temporary. What are the chances of those people getting their accounts back? Asking for a friend (¬¬,)

Anyone who is harassing others should be permanently banned.


Depends on what you define as harramsent cause there’s only so much you can do on gc.

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The act of tormenting someone by continued persistent attacks and criticism.


Sounds extreme. Well we can’t say these persons did that to such an extent but I think they should look into it and they most likely have a reference for the bns. Cause before this only a few was singled out to be martyrs and used as warnings.

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Seriously? You think the worst offenders should be able to get their accounts back?

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