Will level cap at 150 be good enough?


So we all know or should know by now a level cap increase is coming, most likely another 25 levels. This will put us to level 150; giving us roughly 94 energy and a timer of ~4:35. Will this be enough or will most people gripe they need more levels. I know unlimited is not going to happen, not good for Scopely as world fans become useless then. So is 150 enough?


They should keep the level cap at 125, its kinda redundant anyway


i remember when they first added lvl 125.

It was honestly one of the most “alive” times the game had seen.

Alot of players had a renewed sense of playing simply because the lvl up rewards were nice.
but it’s also “psychological” … Leveling up is Fun. You get a tiny permanent boost
and it also rewards small things like farming and the XP Roadmap.

After lvl 125 was a done deal, alot of players were getting bored because the
constant “leveling up” was over.

they should let us go to lvl 200 already and maybe simply
leave it as “leveling up rewards not available yet” and we get them
in the missions tab whenever they decide to reward us for those levels.

XP is a part of the game, and when you no longer need XP
it automatically makes the experience a little bit less enjoyable.

And levels is just like League Trophies and Raid reputation and Prestige points.
It’s a good way to look at someones overall activity and planning style.

When you are active it feels nice to “look” like you are active and have a numerical
value added to “prove” you are playing this game actively and staying competitive so to speak.

I personally feel like them holding back on lvl 150-200 is a huge mistake and diminishes the game alot.

When this game first started leveling up was Nearly impossible compared to now.
They made it much much easier to level by doubling the XP and reducing the amount needed to level up.

The game has a much larger “Mystique” when the level cap is Nearly unobtainable.

I’d love nothing more then to have “unlimited” or an “unreachable” level cap in this game.
And I think it would make the game much more enjoyable.

Perhaps just tune down the Gas increase since 81 gas is pretty alright I think.
The roster increase doesn’t matter.

I dunno many things could use some Updating at this point.

Scavenger Missions,
Territory Token rewards // limited territories.
Training camps // Workshop

The Armory could use some updates too.
It would be cool to have a New Category of Mods like
Universal Recipes that are unlocked instead of being researched.
Extremely rare recipe drops would obviously be really cool.

But instead they just Focus on adding New “Competitive” rankings
that basically promote using Cans to get a ahead or to stay competitive.

This new Onslaught Feature is just another “demanding” free to play reward // coining potential.

I should be in charge of this game already.


Where do you get your logic and ideas from ?? :woman_facepalming:


Wow. Thats a lot bro!
Some makes some sense, and other you seemed to have wandered off there. So…
What I have written out on day based off of levels 50-125. Is you gain about .55 energy a level and a timer reduction of 1.5 seconds a level.
That being said 150 = 94 energy 4:35?
175. = ~107 energy and ~4:08 timer
200= ~120 energy and 3:40 timer
Basically 150 should be enough for most. But I’ve heard many calls for 200. So let everyone know your number you want to see



Seriously, just stop doing the energy boosts and keep giving actual rewards. Tape/polish, ascendable medals, etc would all be great


Just don’t put a cap on lvling and make each lvl increase exponentially, same with the rewards. There. Scopely’s wet dream and Spenders’ nightmare lol. Win-win.


Sr can sales gonna sky rocket


Only person I know that complains about everything.


World energy max and regeneration time are probably fine as is. Just leave those alone and have a rotating 10-20 rewards for hitting levels and uncap it. Then they don’t have to touch it ever again.


The max level should be equivalent to how much money scopley makes off of us


How do you know level cap is increasing?


they said its in the works


Lvl 150 won’t be enough, but it’s a start.
The don’t need to work on energy timer. They can come up with something new.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to lvl again!
(no sarcasm this time)


Just hope the rewards are canteen gps stuff like that.


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