WIll it happen?

Please make this Jesus ascendable, I want him so badly!image

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  1. They already said they had plans for all 5* to be ascendable.
  2. No one cares.

No need to be so rude, fight me now


if this thing really happened, I will kill myself for sure I had 4 copies of him, right now I have only one

Well that was rude :confused:

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That’s the quote of the day

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Already 2 version of jesus 6* some diversity doesnt hurt

hes definately getting his ascended form, now whether hes in the next ascension list or 5 lists down, thats anyones guess.

they should add a new tier of ascendables that are easily accessible but cost 15k coins to ascend.

That would be so lol

Manbun jesus love him man. Would like to see him as a 6*

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It’s a total joke of a login bonus no doubt weighted for Burts lol