Will I ever get special weapon mods?


I have tried 68 times for a red stun gun. 20+ times for so down/stun on green. It is a bummer to see other people with 4 stun guns, impair weapons, and other great mods when all I have to show for countless time and money wasted is one absolute defense pick. Is there a way we can even the odds here? The armory territories haven’t made the slightest difference either. Looking for solutions as it is discouraging to someone who has played for 2 years


I feel your pain. I tried crafting with both territories, i used both pk and dt and it gave me a normal crafting success. Its so frustrating that some people get to craft multiple special weapon so easily while some other need to try dozen times for just one success. I think our account is cursed, theres no other explanation for that much bad luck XD


Its more frustrating, if u get a Crit but then its something like “Bonus 35% Def, if u have 60% HP or more” instead of Stun.

But Good Luck next time :+1:


This needs to be addressed ASAP!



Took me over 70 tries to finally get stun gun.


Yeah, I’ve had plenty of tries too. No luck. It is absolutely rage inducing to see 2 x stun gun and 2 x impair on defence, on one team. I just have trouble believing it’s legit.


Yea, because of VK im not sure sometimes how many Ppl are using these Mods… I can´t believe that they are so lucky sometimes.



Or airplane mode glitch, back before they patched it.


There is really unlucky accounts.
I made 3 stuns, 2 impair in 2 weeks.
Yesterday got stun on attack in one attempt.
Same for AP down one month ago.


Plenty of us have tried dozens of times, then got stun, reflect, etc 3 or 4 times in a row. Don’t give up! Make sure you are using optimum territories and adding in all the sucess and crit items. And also double check you are putting the right trait on the right weapon!


I got green stun 4 tries out of 7, incredibly lucky.


It took me 86 tries for my first impair. Still hurts my heart thinking about it, am almost sure that my Earl is drunk 90% of the time. Lol. The best advice I can give you is to not lose hope. Perhaps take a break from crafting that particular mod and try to craft something else.

Edit: Try also using another type weapon to craft that mod, it might be a placebo but it might also help if there are “hidden” % on the particular weapon that we don’t know about.


Try going for different mods.

I had a terrible streak going for impair when attacking. I switched it and decided to go for Stun gun. Got it. And then I got ABS. Both in just a few tries.

So I recommend switching it up.


I find the best thing I can do is believe in myself, then I close my eyes, relax, and let earl slide it in


Not necessarily. I have a few stun guns, absolute defenses, ap downs and lately, my impair shotty. It takes a lot of farming and crafting but patience and perseverance will win.

For every successful mod, you have think about how many failures went into crafting those weapons.


I’m quite sure I’m missing your point here and rather than make assumptions, will you please elaborate, so that I don’t interpret your message incorrectly? :slight_smile:


Generally, the people with windowless or locked teams are the ones who farm hard(or pull specials). If you’re level 120 already, you’ve gotten 50 tapes/polishing kits in a very short time. Your lack of success doesn’t mean others are cheating.


What level are you?


Wow. Because you’re unlucky, people with a lot of these weapons are cheating.
I understand why real reports doesn’t work : report mail is flooded by stupid hackusations