Will halloween tokens be included in future events?

Give us some tokens ffs

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If the wheel was worth it, I’d join this pitchfork session.

The wheel is trash, rewards are not even worth the effort.

Just let it die and hopefully they can make a decent Thanksgiving event with rewards worth grinding for.


Two words that are the antihesis of all things known here lol


At least the characters in there r better than that doomed war wheel

At least the war wheel provide a guaranteed toon.

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I’d trade all those toons a for Olivia or the governor

Olivia is my favourite toon

Scopely grin intensifies

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You give embarrassment by asking

Just finished the fang map because it was there, as expected garbage.

Trick or trick indeed.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely please let the team know rewards should be equal to the effort required.

Thanksgiving is coming up, need way better rewards with less convoluted schemes to acquire them.


Just do your daily missions

I hope not

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