Will flaks and beanies be more accessible soon?


I have many, many, many four stars I’d like to ascend to fives but don’t have near enough of beanies and flaks to t4 them.


I am on the same boat, can’t upgrade 4s, niether 5, never mind 6*s!


Please do something about this soon, the occasional sporadic elite gear map just doesn’t cut it any more!!


Now would be a great time to implement those gold radios for a permanent elite rare gear map.


Yes! We should have gold radios!


I can agree with that. It’s 12 energy for rare gear, if they doubled the energy for elite gear I wouldn’t mind.


Me to I have lots of 4 star just no wooly hats or flaks. Even when thay do put up a elite gear map that don’t drop :frowning: