Will Faction Assault event happen again?

Will Faction Assault event happen again or was it just a one-time thing? Should we save our FA markers or keep doing Negans? We need more clarity on this.

This is my second FA event. When can we expect a third?

April. 7chars

The 1st, no doubt?

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Unless they improve the rewards FA is not worth doing anyway. All the rewards are readily available elsewhere except the tara earrings but she is outdated now anyway.

This. Even if we don’t have an impending FA event, it really isn’t even worth the rewards. Save them until they have an event or updated rewards.

Haha, joke aside, destroyer said on discord sometime in April, it’s probably still gonna be trash, but we’ll see

@WalkerTexasRanger Can we all and OP get confirmation on this?

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The lilliths and benes from the assault markers are nice tbh. The fa discount helped stack markers.

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@WalkerTexasRanger is completely ignoring us. Can you ask about in your next PC meeting. Also mention the continued lack of communication and engagement.

I literally raised it again, as part of my community feedback (of which it was the biggest issue), yesterday. I hope he’s currently off to find that comment to verify and then he will be back here promptly to inform us all

He hasn’t commented on anything! Yet they want feedback. Why should we give feedback when they ignore us here on the forums.

For 10 pence a bullet point I’ll Recap the platform myself :joy:


I know you will :joy: . I just want him to engage with us. My feedback is just as important and valid as those on other platforms. He needs to act like the feedback given on the forums is wanted.

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This is true. We stocked up on the recent event too. But at full price its not worth it.

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