Will F2P players ever have a chance at Lucky Tokens?

I have seen the stash and almost but the stash for one pull but after that I got some numbers, in a slow thinking some of the pulls are 6* that you can get from the depot. So better I quit the desire of making with these token.

I wont like to get more dissapointment in this game…

I highly doubt it unfortunately

I think at least One Pull would be for F2P player !!

But if not !! 90 day is enough to make all F2P player quit … lol …


Don’t feed the troll!

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This argument is old and people rarely see it correctly. We, as humans, are always trying to segregate ourselves which is ridiculous. This game cannot exist without BOTH F2P and P2P players. End of discussion… On the same note it is silly to think that you should get for free what others must purchase… All that said… I’d like a free pull. Lmao


Let’s put things into perspective.
Let me start by saying that if this event was f2p, spenders would benefit more than f2p.
Let me break it down for ya:
If they decided to make this a f2p grind event, p2p could grind (roadmaps, raids, milestones, etc.) and they would have the upper hand because at the end of the day, p2p could buy crates/bags from the store, offers and get them from pulls. So, it wouldn’t be unfair for anyone.

That can be the model of the event once the first 30 days expire. Now, they are testing the waters to see how much further people are willing to go for a chance at the p2p characters on that wheel. They have given the tokens on pulls, then they have given them on a stash, next stop will be offers and finally crates/bags.

They will try and get a feel for the adhesion to this method. If that fails they will bring the f2p to the party, meaning the grind will begin. Maybe as part of the monthly login or via roadmaps or raids.

People who have spent are having second thoughts as getting a character you can get for free from other areas of the game isn’t really as appealing as having only premier recruits.
There’s also the lack of the new cashcows (Magna, Michonne & Bruce). Which leads me to believe that they’ll make promos for them down the line to lure even more people like casual spenders.

All in all, the way the spenders react to this first month, will dictate the rest of the event.


When it comes to the names of content, just think the opposite. So this lucky event in the real sense is very unlucky for anyone who does it.
To stay positive in this game is to expect nothing anything above that is a win.

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