Will F2P players ever have a chance at Lucky Tokens?

I think they need to offer at least 1 pull from the lucky tokens to f2p players. Its a load of crap for that to only really be available to p2p players. I know odds are most to nearly everyone will get a junk 6* they dont need or want. But there are a ton of newer players or the really lucky ones who will get an actual good toon like erika or the new connie. #powertothefreeplayers @kalishane


It said premium event so that probably means f2p will not get a pull sadly it kinda sucks we’ll have to watch this awesome wheel for 90 days :frowning:


And 90 days of seeing something you’re never gonna get!!! It sucks!!!



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Pull 20x 10 pulls. =-)

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The stash is currently the cheapest way but you would need to be mad to spend that on a 5* Barker. Would be awesome to allow f2p the opportunity to grind for 90 days and get 1 pull…if they grind for 90 days. Seems fair. @kalishane is there any scope for this?

Not worth it. That Connie they slipped in there is pretty damn broken. Only usable in offense but only as a command. Glenn does just fine in her place.

On defense
Her low defense just makes her dead round 1 and even if she survives, she is unlikely to ever use that rush. Her rush would likely trigger turn 4 (atk, command, atk, Rush) and thats if her active doesn’t get in the way.

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Players will undoubtedly buy this stash in hopes of getting an erika only to get another abe. So silly.


Hope f2p will be given a chance, like lucky token roadmaps

This version of nightmare mode would be perfect for token prizes


I think F2p will definitely be able to get at least 1 pull , this is such a long event, it would really make ppl sour if they had to look at it all the time and have no hope to try for a pull that long.


Yeah i agree with you, i have a feeling that they will put lucky token roadmaps for all players. Kalishane posted that this event is WIP(Work in progress) so definitely they are planning for a special roadmap. I hope :cry:




90 Days for you to give into temptation and finally spend…


Haha. … to late!!! :joy::joy::joy: I folded VERY early :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:

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Judy remeber if we don’t get a pull
There’s is also the possibility if the eugene event
Which would allow f2p and p2p alike basically a unique 6* :slight_smile:
Hes also a tanky toon it would seem

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Since it’s already hard for p2players to get one pull, you can definitely forget about this event if you’re f2player

It ended up in disappointment for me.

I’m sure it would for many others.
A lot of people coming to the forums crying…like I did lol.
I keep thinking it’s a nightmare and Scopley will let me pull again…

I just didn’t want a dupe :sob:
Jessie, Conner, Rosita…I’d have been happy with them 5*.

Yeah! A roadmap in nightmare mode harder than that new alpha roadmap :rofl:

That’s rough buddy!:hushed:

I feel your pain , when I have crappy pulls I get totally bummed.

Since this event is pretty long, I hope you get a better pull from the wheel on your next go!! If you are anything like me you will probably have multiple pulls courtesy of doing so many premier pulls and getting the purple token bonus. :grin:

One of these days I swear to quit pulling… but not this day. :smiling_imp: