Will event toon's like Knox and Michone Head Negan be ascendable?


Will event toon’s like Knox and Michone Head Negan be ascendable?

Some toon’s like Knox were first only obtainable trough tournament + spending some cash.
Negan from michone head required luck or a lot of grinding.
Will those ever became 6*?


They weren’t on the list for the late 2017 - early 2018 characters but perhaps in the future(?) Might have to wait and see.

Maybe :robot: knows… @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


They are scheduled for July of 2027 based on the current pace of the rollout of existing 5* to 6*

*subject to change of course

Edit - you will need 1 additional michonne head to ascend the negan also


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There was a Negan for the head event? Is he like ‘Limited Edition’?


Yes, the 45 AR :strong: :leader: that grants 2 team members 20% AP.


At the current rate of 6* releases expect to see them both around 2025.


So i guess my grandson will inherit those toon’s


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i pulled two michone heads so i guess its my lucky day


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LE Negan was also available as a Premier Recruit at one point, so I’ll assume yes there.

As for Knox, yes, put it in your will. :slight_smile: