Will disarming Specialist Skill ever be f2p?

Since P2P people who will pull Bruce will have an overwhelming advantage upon f2p players, maybe we can hope a f2p disarming character ? Your thoughts ?

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Yes, you can hope. Nothing wrong with that.


Yeah, maybe they’ll give a 3/4* for F2P to play with. The same way we had Katjaa.:+1:t4:


Same as shield, it was f2p after little less then year and half. So early 2020 or soon.

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Out of all things that should absolutely be free to play to have it should definitely be disarmed @kalishane make it happen please.

I hope so., the chances aren’t so low. Since we
also get a free 4* Negan, with Outlast

disarming should have been an armory craft for weps. something you could use on your attack team weps to help out. I get how a counter argument could be that is unfair if people ran 5 of those weps but so could everyone else. also it would put more emphasis back on team structure and toon synergy like it use to be. not whoever has the best weps win. but instead whoever strategically built the best team. just my 2 cents

So your suggestion to help the players who have no luck (resources to use) with armory to make stun etc is to make disarm a special armory craft?

You surely can see why this wouldn’t work?

helps more people than a toon locked behind another paywall. you don’t have to pay money to craft, just farm.
if I don’t pull bruce then I wont have disarm. but if its craftable then someday I could.
ive been playing for two years and have 5 stuns 4impairs 3 abs def. etc. didn’t cost me any money, just a lot of farming and the luck to craft after hundreds of crafts

Bruce is quite Strong for attacking but So are lots of other toons atm.I really Can’t see a spot for him on my attack team Right now to give me a huge advantage for raiding yes for war nope don’t need him.


Well yes, right before 7* go live this Fall.

Comme la spécialisation Confusion. Elle était disponible avec Kay 5* payante et aucun personnage gratuit à suivi. D’ailleurs plus aucun personnage avec cette spécialisation n’est apparu. :upside_down_face: