Will CRW Rewards Improve?

This seems to be a hot topic right now. From what I can tell, many players are unhappy with the current rewards for CRW and believe there should be an improvement in rewards (I totally agree). It’s hard to consider the rewards to be “better” than AOW rewards, but shouldn’t they be greatly improved considering the amount of battles you have in CRW and number of regions you face? As rewards fail to improve, players are becoming content with warring for bread crumbs or the dangling carrot (gps/canteen) instead of seeing CRW rewards scaled correctly to match the difficulty and effort. Should we be content with the gps/canteen? Some players think so. Are they also part of the problem?


Will they change?I doubt it

I currently have 7 canteens and 7 GPSs. I can do without more.

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Better question, why weren’t tires included as drops for war battles


Yeah I have 4 of each. I think some players like to T4 every 6* they have, whether they will use them or not.

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I know the feel as well, out of all my 6*, I’ve only T4ed 2. You gotta know when to T4 the right character :blush:

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That is indeed a good question. I was hoping this would’ve been the case.

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As far as rewards go i think the milestone rewards tend to be fine, it’s the rank rewards that are awfull. When you consider how many factions are involved it makes it almost impossible for most factions to rank high enough to get even an average rank reward with this past CRW a perfect example of this with only the top 6 getting enough tokens to finish the stash, everyone else gets stuck with a few pulls from it for what are quite frankly terrible rewards.
Compare this to the previous AOW where the top 3 in each region got enough for a stash completion and you can see how out of touch the rank rewards for CRW are. Something really needs to be done to address this ( either increase rank rewards or lower the number of regions per grouping) or participation is going to really plummet further than it already has.

I can see all sides to this conversation. Milestones are decent, but what kind of changes would we like to see to rewards. Let’s put out some ideas.

Stash reward structure isnt a bad one but
1.) Needs to last for at least 2 wars or possibly include tokens in more than 200k brackett.
2. ) unique toons maybe a war with 4 new toons useable in different aspects of the game for example alert, tough,fast,strong that are similar (debuffers, healers, guardians, collateral damage, leader skills, execution)
Doesnt always need to be brand new toons. But even if for crw they were non exsisting toons, people like warring for something unique.
3.) War stash itself needs better items. Putting stuff from elite wheel for warring all weekend and no pull isn’t fun. Put some 2x lilth, 2x bennys, 4* weapon with a good 30 base of each color. Even if just 30 attack blue weapon, 30 def green, whatever.
4) maybe have prizes consist of an existing ascendable but also have a crate with unique weapons for hitting 200k chance at blue stun on attack, yellow impair, green impair, red abs defense. …or even add that in 2md stash as end prize
Could literally go on for days or creative things that would drive motivation.
Create a wheel/stash. Tokens for limit of lets say 2 months but cant pull 2x a toon in that wheel. So once you pull alpha shes gone, next pull is something other than alpha, same concept as a stash.

Tokens need to carry over plain and simple, lower factions would have something to look forward to, might take a few wars to get a pull at a toon but would be better than some super glue. Top factions could save the tokens for a stash with better toons, or to be able to save up and do multiple stashes…this would be great from top to bottom for most players


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