Will car gasoline kill a rat?

There is a big rat in the gutter downspout…i blocked the bottom with big rocks and can hear him scurrying around…i am thinking about pouring some car gasoline in the downspout. How effective do you all think this will be?
And no…i am not going to light it on fire.

Do not do this to the water supply please. Get him out and put him outside

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Whatever u do, record it


Get Rat poison

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Gasoline wont kill it unless you drown it

half cooked bacon and oil based peanut butter in a haveaheart trap at the top is the ticket you are looking for so you do not have horse flys and stink and you can take him to a new home far from you


Ask it if it has a moment to talk about our lord and saviour. It’ll soon disappear


Just drown it (or poison it) or release it to the wild.


Cause indecision is far too cruel.

Pro tip.
Pour the gasoline in and drop a (lit) match.
That rattle will be tattled.


Wanderer assumes no legal responsiblity for any harm that may come to persons or property in disposal of said rat.

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lure him out and shoot it or hire vermin hunter

Leave it for the cats even

Why would you do such cruel thing? All he came for was food and shelter, best is set him free in the plains far from where houses r located

Thats a weird way for a cat to kill a rat!
i know you folks are natural predators but damn this is just taking it too far!!

LOL you can’t be serious? That would def set the whole house on fire

Cats kills mices not rats as they’re far beyond their reach

Wrap it nicely and send it to Scopely.

Depends, if it was a metal pipe and his bung was sealed enough, it would actually probably just end up as the world’s biggest rat pipe bomb…

Maybe pour gasoline in the top, light from below and the rat will be someone elses problem when it returns from orbit

This ain’t Tom and Jerry.


There are many videos on YouTube of rats bullying cats