Will bleeding effect from weapons got any improvement?


70 dmg for 4 turns is very low compare to the new albino ■■■■■ cat… I mean Fast Shiva, and it’s kinda useless according to all these 6* hp and mods.

Would love to see it to be like 180 dmg for 4 turn or something like that. And would like to see other weapon effect being used more often.


Meh, modify those weapons and you’ll forget they ever had some trashy Bleed effect on them in the first place. But Scopes is stepping up the bleed a bit, case in point, Princess.


@JB.Scopely , is this an oversight by the team or by design? The damage over time is 280: 70 damage over four turns on barker which is useless in the Six Star world.


Forget Bleed! Absolute Defense on to Barker and you’ll be set.


Forget Barker too.


Barker sucks even with Abs lol


The character ain’t great, it sucks yadda yadda, now that we have established that, why the discrepancy?
Again not focusing on the character but the Bleed on the weapons. This isn’t Lacerator or hemorrhage, two bleed weapons


Because balance.


what balance lol


Not sure why you think you can only compare the weapon. Why does princess have over 100 less stat points or slower ar? You are also looking at one of the earliest ftp toon and comparing to most recent p2p.


I can ignore stats because I can’t craft those, I can however craft a bleed weapon that is useless in today’s game and again I’m not talking about the toon. I’m talking about the weapon special


Because I like DOT, that’s why I want it to be revamped, and so all the bleeding resist mod could be put in to good use.

Actually, some other skill of the special skill on weapons should be revamped such as, stronger trait when hit should be double or triple the damage when attack and can still get benefit on hit. May be change it into weakness exploit. etc.


Yeah balance like the fighting the 5 revive shield toon teams … they are super balanced


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