Will Bledsoe get to have AOW this Dec6-8?

Hi Scopely! Just need confirmation if our region Bledsoe will have our AOW this coming December 6-8? My experience with new regions is not having any war event until after they are 1 month old. Just to set expectations in our region if we are looking forward to this major event or have boredome for 1 month with solo events.

Expect Crw mixed in with wave 1, we need to keep the Whales fed🤗


older regions get crw… newer regions get aow… prob is newest regions tend to be forgotten lol

@CaliEskrima - I don’t have this information right now and I will get it by the end of next week. Stay tuned for the official CRW/AoW announcement.

whom can i ask that will have the information. such should be handy for all players. tnx for replying.

@CaliEskrima I guess that would be me :wink:

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Gr is our all knowing FM

That would be me :thinking: :hugs:

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Yup :+1::+1::+1::+1:

so any definitive confirmation if Bledsoe is having AOW? we are an existing region after all and should be entitled to partake in this event.

It is too early to tell as I will have the definitive answer to this question next week :wink:

ok tnx. it makes me wonder though, are you implying that scopely can exclude regions from war event, supposedly the main event of the game (though i have experienced this before in my former region)? and if they indeed do that, why?

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@CaliEskrima - Actually no I am not implying that. As you are quite aware, War events are tricky to organize and the team is always looking at improving the matchmaking for each wave, therefore, having some impact on each region.