Will Beta have a HUGE model


He is known for being a “big guy”, we have shiva which already have unique model, what about beta huh. :slight_smile:


He’s certainly tall but we don’t know if he’s a “big guy”


Nah, they didnt even bother to slap boobs on eugene or siddiq for the (realistic) Ivette Brown model. Maybe just sexist.


If big guy and giant ass is not referring to a tall person, I don’t know what is :joy:


they definately have different character models. check out bruce, that mf is a big dude and i dont mean that in a good way lol. sawyer. red romanov seems like he could fit the bill as a tall character model. you ever notice while doing your daily sr, that lee is defintely enlarged a few sizes vs a lee that would be in your roster? it only happens to be him, as the rest of the enemy mobs is the size they should be. try taking notice next time.


You are right! I’ve noticed that too! I love red Romanov cuz he looks like me with a bristle haha hope he stands taller than 6.3"


Adding them in a roadmap considered as a first step by me :wink:
Smells like choose your side heheh :slight_smile:


I was making a subtle dick gag.


Damn my bad, English is not my mother tongue :frowning: now I get it