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can someone please tag some developers that can help me out I have not been able to play my game and almost 5 days now because I am stuck it’s got me to the beginning cutscene I’d like to Walker’s to saviors picking name and it’s locked up I can’t get into my main account you no more it’s Max and I’ve been playing on for 20 months scopely not helping with emails they’re they’re sending me generic questions very frustrated please tag developers Anyone who reads this




Should take this as a sign and just quit


But maybe I can assist. Have you done the normal troubleshooting? Settings, clear cache and app data? 2) is your account linked to fb? If so consider transferring it from one device to another just to see if it will work. 3) email Community@scopely.com with your problem and screenshots plus account code.


This is not the intended email above.

@Jellis328 have you contacted our support about it?


Omg yes and it seemed like I was going to be playing again quickly after talking to the first text Gerard he seems like he was all about trying to help me and quickly some screenshots of what else happened hold on



The first Convo is second pic then I guess he handed ticket off after I gave him all info plus more and I got the standard question pack reply from second tech to handle ticket because I guess he didn’t feel need to read through the whole thread to familiarize himself with my issue I created new tickets after 24 hour silence and tech then closed out ALL of them and sent me a satisfaction survey was LIVID I’ve spent more than 2k on game help me


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