Will anyone pull for Kal?


Kal’s a decent toon. Could be a defensive headache with the right leader but, after hearing (and experiencing) the horror stories about odds and pulls for Harper and Holly, will anyone pull for him? The new wheels have killed my personal appetite for pulling. What about yours? If you get him please post how many pulls it took and a pic


People still spend money on this mobile app wow. Two years I’ve not spent a single penny. I’ve got kal he’s really good though.




I did a ten pull for him but also for the chance at getting any of the other toons I still don’t have and I Romanov :grinning:


He has an increased chance of being pulled compared to the other 6*s in the wheel. It’s not a trait specific wheel.


Yeah right, because pull “horror stories” are a new thing.

Odds have always been shitty. The 2% chances period just made everyone forget what life had been like for the preceding three years.


Not true, there are no increased chances.


I got him during his original promo. Was trying (again) for Wayland. Didnt get Wayland but got Kal, 2nd Lydia and yellow Glenn.

I haven’t touched Kal yet


Well then there is good news for you. This isnt a “new wheel” its a regular kal wheel. Feel free to do your pulls now


Killed my appetite to do either




Its still not increased chances anymore. They have completely changed the odds and advertising all of a sudden since the end of 2x odds. I have no idea why they felt the need. Even with 2x odds could still cost a few hundred for a toon.


Here’s an idea why



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