Will a red human shield now kill the game

  • Meh… his defense is not super high, I should be able to survive the stuns
  • The End is near … adding Ajax with a stun gun to all of the existing Erika/Magna teams is retardedly OP
  • I don’t even care anymore

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He has a bound weapon, so it’s not like we will really see that many with stuns right away, unless they get extremely lucky. Plenty of counters to stun. Plus people have been running 5 red with stun teams, and have never been an issue.


Compared to the others he’s trash.


Why change the weapon. It kills you as you attack him. Unless you have dissarm he returns 150% damage. This is getting just stupid.


I think Magna is better. At least in my opinion.


He is not even that good lets see why

Stun is not as good as it used to be with people running stun resists, toons with recover stun and so on. He wont survive as much as you want him to

Bad base stats , low hp , mediocre defence and attack .

Edit: forgot to mention the wanderer sho has 60% def debuff against reds/greens , could mbine thT with a tyreeese and tell me how “OP” are red shields

The hard hitting free toons like andrea and dwight are blue , the most common decapitate toon available is blue tyreese.


Mods and lead skills will show how busted he is


He is probably the weakest shield 6 star right now… Stun is easy to counter with stun resist, disarm, mira restore stun etc. His defense and health stats are pretty weak, and with so many blue attack toons available ajax will be easy to kill


Why put stun on his weapon


Compared to Koa? Not trash. He’s a hybrid what I like to call an attack shield. Use him in raids defend when you must just to give your team a head start then use him as required. I like his pain split and elusive. Definitely trade my Koa for him. Oh and that weapon, better chance to cause 150%dmg back… Imagine Ty hits him 1000 and he reflects 1500…nice


Tyreese would kill him and himself. Overall that’s pretty much all you need Tyreese to do is kill him. I’d gladly take Koa instead of him, ranged defence teams aren’t that good anymore.


Red shield is absolutely useless to many strong blues. Michonne Morgan Konrad Dwight Tyrese.


He is weak sauce, blue is the strongest atk color because of double atk weapons and disarm michonnes, and both are common and destroy him.

Even Koa seems better than Ajax, and Koa isn’t even very good lol


You know how trolls are when they are upset and dont want to spend money


Been seeing more teams with Koa, he can be tanky as fuck. Honestly he’s actually kinda under appreciated… :man_shrugging:t4:

Scopely sees a lot of people actually attack with shields… Wondering if this is why they went this route or they’re saving for another shield near the holidays :joy::smirk::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:




The poll is stupid all the options r basically saying he’s good even tho he’s garbage to anyone with a blue Michonne. First he doesn’t even come with a stun gun second it’s rare to even see a Erika magna team go over 6 rounds tbh not as op as it once was and what does I don’t care anymore even mean? Has nothing to do with the toon at all.


Imagine that with a double hit gun. or an AR from Dwight. Dwight dead for sure if it procs both times. Unless you are attacking him while stunned or with a disarm character this could be trouble.


Attacking with a blue that isn’t michonne could bite you back pretty bad.


You forgot one disarm michonne conquer all