Wilkinson region- The Shield Needs Players


The Shield in Wilkinson is looking for active daily players. We are a Top 12 faction and regularly place in the top 10 for all faction events. We are open to merging with another faction that is short of players. We have 10 spots open. Willing to take lower level players so long as they are very active. S1++ level 65 or higher preferred for majority. Contact Leader MM in game or through LINE @ missmargaret66


Still in need of active players @ The Shield Wilkinson Region. Looking for dedicated players that want to war and be part of a great team


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Have you tried reaching out to another lower faction and making a merger?


I have yes, they don’t have any.


I have without any success. I have also tried recruiting from factions with fewer than 18 ppl hoping to find some active players. Problem is, Wilkinson is drying up. Scopley screwed up for so long that hundreds of strong ppl in our region left the game. 6*s came out and active lower players couldn’t keep up, got discouraged and they stop playing before they hit lvl 25 or even an A team. Will just keep looking. At this point I will take active, eager players regardless of level.


Have you thought about taking your most active members to a new faction. I know it’s not the same as running your own but if you can merge with another lower lvl faction and you be the one to go there it might be better. At least then you and your ppl will be taking better prizes


I have…The Shield has been my home for over 2 years. The original leader moved on to a top 2 faction and left it to me as I was an original member. We went from a rank of 15th to the top 5 in almost every event for months. Then my co-leader left and kept pulling my top players…2-3 top ppl leave, others get nervous and more leave. So I have been battling to rebuild. We are slowly building back but it is taking alot of time. I am hopeful we will get back up the ranks. I just need 8 players to fill and 3 to replace a few inactives. I dont care about solo tourneys, but have zeros for back to back faction events…you are going bye bye.


It’s just really hard to build a faction in a region that old, Especially if your faction isn’t taking at least top ten on a regular bases. I know that leaving your home faction is hard but sometimes it’s the best thing you can do for your teammates. Ppl tend to get board if they arnt doing well