Wierd ass bug during combat

Zeke is dead but still has health. I have video but can’t post it


it might be extra hp? any of the other team has bleeding damage?

Don’t know. He is dead but has red flashing health in the health bar. Only thing I can think of is the SR Zeke applied health before he died and the second one hit after he died.

wyatt gives extra hp that’s why I asked about bleeding since bleed bypass extra hp

I encountered this bug over the weekend as well.

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The asses of those characters look fine to me, not weird as stated in the title.

In actual news, why can’t you post the video? Could you PM myself or @CombatDevIl the video if you just don’t want to publicly post it?


Maybe op thought posting video of ass was against tos?

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Haha best reply.

Also, technically he said they were wierd, not weird :stuck_out_tongue:

Fake news, you can’t even see their asses!


I had to laugh hard of both replies :joy::joy::joy:!!!

Seriously enjoyed that reply & follow ups.

They are the walking dead after all :upside_down_face: