Wich should I ascend?


these are my actuals 6* . kenny and javier 6* are below in the picture, ok now these are my 5* should I go with anna? to fight againts green and yellows? with the new garret leader’s skill? help plz


I’d rather focus on creating a ranged team a bit better than with Lucas lead and would go for Andrea since you don’t have Mirabelle

Andrea/Ty/Michonne/Lori/Lee(or Lucas) for a ranged def/atk team

Regarding Melee, Sandy would have been a okay addition


Without a command it’s hard imo. I would green blue 4* asc to make Siddiq and Glenn. :thinking:


Trying to do that


Ok thanks but for against ranged teams jav lead I can defeated them easily. I don’t have a good team against greens and yellows though.


If you need someone for an anti-melee team, please get Glenn. At least have someone who gives your team buffs.


Hmm… Gov and/or Wandi would be nice for a anti green carl def. :thinking: It’s highly random, but they could be in the supply depot. Same as Glenn but would asc 4* > 5*. And sooo long it doesn’t take to max a 4*


And don’t forget the anti bleed skill. Very helpful sometimes :thinking:


Haven’t really seen it needed. I mostly raid people who have Yumiko.




what about wars :stuck_out_tongue:


ascend karlson


Thats a waste of tokens. When it comes time to 6* them you wont have any tokens left :man_facepalming:. Seems like youre drinking the company Koolaid


I would go for Anna , if you already guaranteed to get the green Garrett .
If not Andrea is your best choice right now


thanks, i ascended andrea cause i have the gear, i was short for anna’s gear I will gather the ascendable medals in the time i will get the gear for 6* anna :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait do you not already have one Anna already?


yep, but she is pretty cool making damage with a atq buffer :v:


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