Why Zachary needs only 250 velvet cakes?

Zachary is still not a S toon then why the heck he needs only 250 velvet cakes to get same amount of s itmes as required by the S toon velvet collections ? Then we expect 6* laopo VC to be 250 but its 500 ? Why such difference , just because some people got her for free ? Huh @JB.Scopely ?


@GR.Scopely any update on zach and laopo cake difference ?

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So this is the 2nd collection from him plus a dual which makes 3 RV cake collections

Do you have 2 zacks? When I saw the collection I just assumed it was dropped from 500 to 250 because I have two maxed zacks. That was the logic they used for S class toons v non s class versions.

if they are going to offer a 250 collection for zach, they should do that for 6 star laopo too.


I agree already spent 500 though

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Lol a big NO !! Hahha … I don’t even have a single Zachary… :joy:

@GR.Scopely waiting for reply about the differences in cake amounts, Zach is not S class.
He is regular 6* but 250 cakes while the regular 6* Laopo is 500.

Typical Scopely with their DAILY FUCKUP. Enough said.

Ok i will say something else… does anyone play another game that has so many fuckups SO often??? This shit is ridiculous

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@Zrawtony @jaxie I am still waiting to hear back on this topic from the team. I have re-bump the question yesterday :wink:


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Thanks @GR.Scopely , appreciate ur effort :slight_smile:

Yeah seems quite unfair since laopo was just featured as premier just like zachery. If one needs 250 to collect as 6 star then the other should as well. That would be the reasonable thing to do.

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