Why You'll Never See A Specialist Skill As Good As Human Shield


I really don’t think that Scopely intended HS to be as strong as it is today. I think they thought it was a cool concept and didn’t think of the ramifications it would have on the game. Look at all the other specialist skills in the game. None of them come close to the power that HS has. You want a great defense? Buy a HS or 2 and your defense will almost automatically be 2 times better. HS was what, the 5th specialist skill to be released? And now since the release of HS maybe 20 new SS have been released and none of them are as good as HS. Why? Because HS was a poorly designed SS that Scopely has refused to rework. But why will we never see a SS as good as HS? Well, you can’t have a SS as strong HS because the gap between P2P and F2P would be ridiculous. I already know most of the forum would be against this but Human Shield should’ve just been taunt before taunt was created(taunt 1 enemy for 1 turn on critical hit?). Spending hundreds of $ for a specific SS is just ridiculous.


Human shields have killed the game for me, again. I now don’t bother completing raids with Magna or Jesus shields. I flee and move on as they’re totally overwhelmingly over powered.

Basically, it’s killed raids for just like the initial wave of five star shields did. As an occasional spender, this has been enough to stop me spending completely.


Now there are 1 skill that beats it… Decapitate. I swear to god decap on attack teams is the new meta wilst HS is the defence meta.


Makes me remember how much I loved having Kirkman Series Zeke back in the day because his AR gave focus to all. Really helped break down those Konrad/Michonne teams. Those were the days


All I can picture in my head is a Scopely dev leaned back, casually reading the forums, suddenly sitting straight up and saying “They think we can’t make a new specialist skill better than human shield? Hold my beer.”


I don’t know, disarm is pretty decent


There are many counters to HS. My suggestion is to practice and learn to use your actives and ARs appropriately on HS instead of just fleeing. Stun, taunt, focus, and confuse all allow you to hit outside the shield. The introduction of Mods with resists has made it more difficult, but they can only use two resist options max, so there are still other skills available to negate the shield.


human shields are not that difficult, cmon, ive gone easily through them in the 5* era and im working my way through them now as well. i spend only on the monthly pass and do tapjoy and i can beat most shield teams


Disagree. Many people have human shields in poor set-ups and less than perfect mods. Remember, for every person who has put two resist mods, that’s one less stat mod. Don’t get me wrong, there are some top top shields knocking around which resist everything and are tanked to high hell. But to flee at everyone is extreme.


Just wait until 7* come out and can hold 2 specialist skills at the same time… indomitable human shield sounds great!


I’m not so sure about that Drip. I feel they knew exactly what they were doing when they introduced human shields. Look at all the cash they made with Konrad and all the 6* shields released nowadays…

Not only are HS’s sought after and nice money makers, but as a result, disarm and to some extent focus toons have also been big earners.

If you think about mods, what would you say the most ‘rare’ or sought after one is? Probably stun resist? Equipped on other toons, but mostly required for your shield.

I think they did intended it to be as strong as it is today and moreover, they knew they could milk it hard and everything else associated with not only breaking shields but making them more resilient.


Next promo is a char with constant focus to all team as a special skill and a becoming a hs for 5 turns as an active skill


fixed that for ya.


Don’t give them ideas!!!


decap, disarm, lacerator, vitality, all top notch specs.


Waste not too, but that`s just my opinion, Vitality not so much


Confounding easily neutralizes Human Shield…


a fine tuned vitality card can pretty much self sustain. i have both vitality cards, if i could run a squad full of vitality i would, i cant say the same about waste not lol.

now dont get it twisted. waste not is good…just not in the same tier as vitality. just imo of course :smirk:.


G2 is my fave.



You can kill teams with one HS with f2p toons fairly easily. It’s harder to kill dual shield/revive teams with f2p toons, but it can be done.