Why you should choose bacon for region transfer


Bacon is the one of the oldest and proudest region in RTS. Come to where it all began.

We have old and new players willing to help anyone grow and learn. We have mixed factions of higher level players and lower level players. We are willing to go the extra mile to help new and semi new players learn the ins and outs of the game.

We all share information on tips in the game through Line Chats and if one of us doesn’t have the answer you can bet someone else will.

We have been around so long reputation no longer matters to us but a desire to give it your all and learn. We have very active factions, semi active factions, and casual factions. There is a place for everyone and we will help find one for you.

We help one another with weapons and share the crafting area so each faction gets their fair share. One worry you will never have is getting a turn in your faction at a shot to craft a weapon at some point. We will teach you have to craft and get the best results as well.

I could go on and on about Bacon and my love for it but if you would like more information or to meet some of us in preparation for region transfers this summer please add me to Line. My id to search is kingpin2019.


Dade is better



I think that if I were as active as you say, there would be no need to come and ask them to join, on the other hand if everyone is so nice we would have known more about bacon and not only that it is full of hacks and cheaters
In short, I will not name my beautiful region for the simple reason of avoiding hackers, cheaters, ruining our great environment and activity.

yep my region is pure and free of bad players

and the best region


Bacon isn’t full of hackers or cheaters


Might wsnt to change your profile from Geneva region then


You are making so much propaganda of that region wich lead’s me to think it is dying lol


I’m in the Bacon region and @The_Kingpin is correct in saying we don’t have a lot of hackers there. As far as a dying region, even though I’ve seen more activities in the past factions do not have to wait hours to get a que up for War or CRW. He is also correct in saying there are people willing to help others in the game. I was in the top faction until I decided to play casually. I was never told that I had to spend to stay in the faction. Basically when Scopely let’s us move to another regions…I’m staying in Bacon.


Bacon sounds delicious… I mean… Ummm…


So do you have a crafting faction that is open for transfers in when needed or do you run the 3k defense model with use during shield time and easy takeover by next faction?


Don’t trust this guy


We do have a crafting faction that’s anyone in bacon is able to use. It’s run by some alternate accounts and they usually kick out regular players and close it for faction events


Lol you in bacon so you know


The more we recruit, the harder it gets for us Don’t you ever think about yourself smh :triumph::triumph::triumph:




Lol transfer to beta for what barely anything to do there?


Chat shit get beta’d


I only use beta when they are testing new things.


BTW I’m writing a new rap, it is in fact BACON EXCLUSIVE so sign up now.
They say cavemen found fire, it was actually me who found it


Fzk lives is the oldest faction in bacon and still very active just a FYI for people looking for new regions


That’s some of the wackest rhymes I’ve ever heard, Son. Lol