Why you dont do a vote with that remove char?

I really want to see a vote with who want to keep carl…negan…and shiva and scopely take care about his peoples and what they want…is normally to meet almoat same teams with carl and mira because are only a few char ascendable and all want to ascend…i think the problem is with all spenders who now are crying because a lot of players cant beat them and they losed their advantage who bought with a lot of money when dont was 6* and now are afraid.this is the problem…isnt about here are many carls teams…ok are very much carls teams?beat them and you are good…but is hard to work so much with a medium player who have almost same team like you.good job.scopely need to listen about what the majority want…this is normal.i am ok about scopely come with special characters for the spenders or rich peoples…i am really ok with that.but why you remove that char who help a lot of peoples?to create advantage for the others :wink:

Because they are losing money giving all these toons away.

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When 2-3 people crying about carls teams because they cant compete with him all the time and another 1k want to keep that char what scopely do?listen that 2 or 3?come on.

They will lose more when the peoples quit…i am from schley…a closed region and here a lot of top players are leaving for a time a go…you can seen a lot of players from top 50 or 100 without factions…and in wars with hard we can have 20 factions…and from 20 only 10-13 are active like to do more then 20 battles in one war…why?for this reason…now when i see peoples who begin to play again for this reason because now they have more chances…they remove that char…i cant understand.this i am…i dont have shame to put pictures with my profile…i played with hard every day for almost 2 years…i dont missed 1 day.and i dont have same chances with the others because i dont have and i cant have 1 of that char.