Why why why? 15 characters

Fantastic rewards Scopes , thanks agaib

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5 hour solo level up just to waste time? Also someone’s guaranteed to drop at least two million for these rewards as well because why not.

Those silver league tokens are nice, good for gear and gold mods.

But if you don’t like them, you’re not forced to try? It’s not like there’s a lack of level tourneys…

Oh no the torture! The agony!

Help! My eyes! They. They are bleeding!


It’s about principles , sorry about fracking respect for the player base , league tokens are nice yes sure but these rewards lack respect

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Its like a 6 hour lvl up. Its not gonna have an awesome ascendable for first

Not talking about ascendables mate , I guess it’s just pile up of emotions , you’re right it’s just 6 hours , just doesn’t feel right to see these prizes though , maybe I’m to spoiled by other games , fair is fair it’s just 6 hours indeed and for new players these prizes are pretty decent

That makes more sense. Scopely will rarely impress us. But the rewards for the time given here are fair

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