Why were we told something they chose not to do



I have read some of the notes from others and what we’ve been told is that they were gonna make 5* people more available to us but unless we spend money, so why tell us that 5*s will be more available when they aren’t? And please correct me if I have miss interpreted it


Theres a 5* wheel which u can easily get a pull from every 1-3 weeks.

Also 5* are meh. Its all about 6* now.


I only need five stars to accend my characters




5* characters and Benedicts are far more accessible now than they were before Ascendance dropped.


Almost overly so…
anyone else having them glutting up their squad. I think I had 80 at one point. Am I really going to ascend 10 x 5*s in the near future?!


It’s interesting how they flip-flop in importance. When ascendance first dropped, I wouldn’t dream of using a Benedict for leveling a character, he was far too valuable as fodder. Now, I have so many duplicate 5* , I use Benedicts for levelup points and 5* as fodder.


I’ve been uses them here and there to level as well I don’t have enough time to build up tg and the medals to do never ending 6* toons with that I only do each toon once no doubles


I keep 5 stars at t3 lvl 70 unless they are ascendable, I only ascend characters I need. There is no point in ascending every toon you have if your not going to use them.

Missions like the survival road give you a choice of 5*s for free. And with all these level ups you get a toon or 2k 5 star tokens twice a week at least.


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