Why were the ranks cut to top50

This was the stupidest thing they ever could have done made the gear we need in those rankings and liliths harder to get all it is is scopley trying to make us spend more if anything they should have went the other way with it top150 get those prizes but yet they choose to force us to spend more stay in the top 50 and it’s sickening

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It’s not as if they made that groups rewards any better they just cut it in half

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What do you mean? Milestones and rankings are two completely different things in the events. You get milestones, which include liliths and ulysses, regardless of placement.

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You knew what I meant but for all you politically correct police I changed it for you

@JB.Scopely @CombatDevIl can we please have an explanation on why it was you guys thought this would be a good idea to cut the prize rankings down to top 50 from top 100 with out making the rewards in either of those rankings any better

It’s a pretty easy answer. One you won’t like but an easy answer… less milestones means more players are inclined to buy one of the offers for the medals if they are just short at the end. Every decision they make is based around money.

See… scopely bashing :slight_smile:

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I genuinely still don’t understand. You are talking about gear and liliths. Only thing I see that top 50 affects is medal amounts for level up specifically. Raids are same as always. Top 100 in level up still gets a lilith and no gear in any rewards. But, okay. shrugs Good luck to you. :grinning:

To make you spend more.

It’s not as if they are only cutting the rankings down for this event with the metals I’m sure they are going to keep it this way and yes gear metals trainers ect are prizes for the ranking you place in a event smh I mean what’s not to understand

Even worse, the medals for the museum collection wont convert to anything at the end so anyone not placing top 50 consistently gets nothing for that prize slot. I really hope this reward structure does not continue. Go back to the guaranteed ascendable for top 3 and crates for the rest.


Inventory control

Honestly I still think that ranking brackets should be based on region activity/population.


Because too many players have been getting these super fantastic rewards too easy :joy::joy::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

It wouldn’t have been so bad if the made eg 151-300 rewards better than the 251-1000 rewards (so not quite as good as 150 but nearly there) so there was still something to aim for, but if you can’t get anywhere near 150 there’s no incentive to spend anything.

Why change the rankings? To get people to pay, pay, pay for the medals of course.
I’m currently sat at 5700 because I placed 2nd in the most recent one and I still doubt I’ll even be able to get Jeremiah

I swear I had a stroke while reading that, but it doesn’t matter what the rankings are, many F2P have placed really high in those tournaments.

The amount of medals are garbage anyways. From 1st to 4-10 is drastic. Basically they are making it where everyone will decide to spend on medal offers because they are just a little short and they have done all this work. The difference between this and the 5* token normally given is these will be useless where as normally you at least get 5* tokens when you don’t get the toon. It’s pretty sad they have gone back to doing this. For awhile prizes were fairly decent for effort and it really gave everyone a small chance at a toon or working towards a pull.
Between this and the test tubes I’d be interested in seeing a poll of how many people regularly participated but still had to purchase items to get the said toon.

In all fairness, what you type is barely readable. Everything is one long sentence with no punctuation and a plethora of grammatical errors. That’s fine and all, it’s just not clean and clear. You should just post in your native language if it isn’t English.


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