Why we need red cakes!?

Why Need cake Red? Most players have it, but they are useless.Why scopely doesn’t put in the museum possessions of characters that almost everyone has, but scopely doesn’t let it be, funny.

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Priya is up tomorrow. She is as close to free to play as can be at this point, with the amount of cones available from free to play events. Hope you have her, this collection will put you close to a second then :slight_smile:

good luck


But many players no have she yet.

Have most do characters I do have many more to collect me sterling

They should keep cakes for whales only because only them want to pay for promos. The F2P base should have another useful prize for our own meta.

I hope you don’t mean they are closing her collection tomorrow. It says we have 330 some days. I’m at 3600 cones. Ill be atomic if they take it down before the 300 days are up.

No i mean tomorrow you can trade 500 red velvet cakes for 1100 s class items if you have priya 6* tier 4 level 90. That collection in the museum will open tomorrow and last for 1 week. Has nothing to do with trading 4000 cones for a 5* priya.

Thank you for clarifying! And yay! That’s good news!!

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