Why wasn't Jeremiah the CRW reward?

I know the rewards haven’t been posted yet and I highly doubt that they would have Jeremiah there anyway, but why not make it a normal war and have him for 1st? I’m pretty sure that Scopley would/could Make more money that way than to just sell him for a ridiculous price. Plus if the 5* version. Was the reward, people might spend to get the needed stuff to ascend him.


If 6*s became war prizes i promise my faction would spend big again. We basically dont spend anymore. Its not worth it to buy a raffle ticket for 100.00 when the prize is a bottle of Faygo and some ho hos


They are posted


Those are bad lol

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Not worth bothering with

3+ regions and not even enough for a 5* 4th and below…

The milestones equipment is awful too.

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Anyone have first crw rewards… I remember them being a lot better…
Like 5 stars a long way down the list

Dont have a screenshot but it was , CRW Maggie 1st, Yellow Gov 2, red Stun andrea 3-5, and then rocky for the rest untill tokens


If I remember right tokens where as high or 1 k less for 11th place as they are for fourth…

My region has been matched up with 6 other regions. That’s right, 7 regions in total. 21 top 3 factions will be battling for the top prizes, presumably the same prizes as the other region matchups with 5 or less regions. 21. I don’t know what to say anymore.:sob:


I’m sure you would, I’m not sure I can justify to my guys to fight as we usually do for the prizes that are somewhat… disproportionate for the effort required to win it all. It’s a shame, really, when we’ve taken first every single CRW up till now.


That’s what’s sad, I mean, everywhere I look, I see the fire for this game dwindling. Many of us play to war and CRW was the pinnacle of the game once upon a time. Now, most of the people I talk to in different regions are just growing weary.


I’m usually the epitome of optimism but almost 3 years into the game has taken its toll on me. It’s hard to put a brave face on when I see the alarming rate of people are quitting everywhere, not only in my region alone. Drastic, positive changes need to happen and soon, or this might be the end.

Edit: Sorry for the doom and gloom.


Idk why people are complaining. The rewards are awesome and a huge improvement from last time. It’s always great to fight for new, crisp, and refreshing rewards. :slight_smile:

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I see what you did there. :wink:

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Ditto. Top faction in my region, and not only have several big spenders quit, the rest of us just stopped spending. No point anymore for these prizes. CRW isn’t very enticing anymore either.

@Goddess it’s all fixable which is the most annoying thing…plenty of good ideas in this forum to start building the bridges as the saying goes and the framework’s there in game it just needs tweaked in certain areas to make things more rounded/acessable since the release of 6*s.

On the OP can’t believe a 6* isn’t the top prize either in CS, I’ve posted somewhere else a new 6* should be the norm for 1st place in war (from the old pool of 5s even the base of toons is there then something completely new for CSW) and the 5 version for 2nd place, 3rd being something that will be ascendable soon (between wars not months later), something to that effect anyway.

Totally agree with @Pagan a Christmas toon should have been an award over the festive period.

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Those rewards have been changed already


Yeah, I agree, there have been some very, very good suggestions here on the forums. The thing is, I myself can’t presume to say how easy or difficult it would be to implement these changes since I don’t have any insight into how the game is built, code by code but I would think that things won’t unravel just by having some stuff tweaked (hopefully).

Either way, some of the issues we have currently in the game have been around for quite a while and on top of it all, some of the recent rewards have been lacklustre. The entire community seems to be a veritable tinderbox lately.



Because if you hate the CRW rewards, never fear ascendable Lucas is here YAY!

BTW, it’s now three 5* per 120 … or four 5* per 160 … or five 5* per 200, all 5* stacked into the last “bucket” as Kalishane calls them. Kind of reminds of the old premier recruits wheel, really.

And who is this amazing ascendable Lucas? This guy: