Why was the level up only 24hours?


So I get home tonight after a hard says work to put some serious grind into level up to try to hit tge rediculous milestones to get the Dwight shirts and…oh wait…that event finished already. The start time meant that I only got about 6 hours to level up last night. How was I ever supposed to meet those milestones in 6 hours, especially since the time to farm/gather resources since the last level up has been a few days. If it turns out that our chance for Dwight has now gone this is grossly unfair. I have no problem with the bar been set high for rewards like Dwight but don’t make them physically impossible. Thats just silly. Please tell me there will be many other opportunities to complete this collection.


Because it was just an event for the sake of having an event. People complain about the high amount of levelups, so there’s this short one and people still complain.


Well, when it has the needed materials to get the event character, people want the time to actually get them.


Less time means panic.
Panic - offers bought - profit


Used 1 YGL, basic tokens, and 3s. Got 250k milestone and 5.5k 5 tokens from top 100. Then pulled Yellow Governor. This 24 hour event was a big win. They should do a whole week of solo LUs, 24 hours back to back.


No panic or offers bought here as it ended before I got home from work. Just disappointment which I’m sure is not the intended emotion Scopely wish to cause with such events.


If your aren’t prepped odds are you wont farm 1.25 mil out’ve thin air during a tourney. If you have the resources ready somewhat leveling takes minutes to get a big score if you know what your doing.


This is true and back in the old days of 1 faction level up a month I would amass huge reserves of recruits ready trained and waiting but with such regular events with essential milestones this is not a possibility for me any more.



Now I’ve sworn off going for any milestone in level ups…

I need 2 months atleast to restock.


We’re looking into changing the structure tournaments and more consistent. That way, you know what tournaments you want to take part in to get what you need.



Dunno I feel shafted on a consistent basis. Variety would be nice. As stated every other thread concerning constant level ups.


It used to be all you had to was participate to get event items. It comes across as greed, or desperation greed, on your F2P and new player base by having these event items under such ridiculous milestones.

Not sure why you changed it. Well, I’m sure I know why, but really trying to give you guys benefit of the doubt.