Why was the gearmap so short?


Why was the gear map so short? For some of us it pop up while we were sleeping then couldn’t do it because we had work. I went to bed at midnight EST time and got off work the next day at 2 p.m. EST time that gave me no time whatsoever to do the gear map which wasn’t even 24 hours long. This game is a joke and it’s getting worse by the day. I want my walkie and school bag please


Good luck with that.


Yea I know scopely screws you and don’t even buy you dinner


they didn’t have enough space on the roadmap to keep it on since they planned the thanksgiving roadmaps. It will come back again later this week. Kalishane already said that in another post:

"Hi everyone!

Ultra Rare Gear map will be going out at 9PM PT tonight until 10AM PT tomorrow!

It will then come back again later this week for the leftover hours.

This is due to not having enough pins again for a new in-game event starting tomorrow morning!

I will keep you posted for when the other 12 hours will start!

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you everyone."


They didn’t have Space for turkey map… So, yeah.


Oh ok thanks


** didn’t have Space** you know thats load bs right there so much room down on lower part of that map.


look at all that room…


Yea exactly or take something else off not gearmap


Yes that makes it even more unfair for the people who couldn’t do the first one because of the time slot now others have a chance of getting two while some may not get any depending on what time the second one is


Farm. The people who were awake for this one most likely will be sleeping and at work for the next one same as some were for this one. I farm every gear map the bag and walkie at the are nice but farming gear to get extras is how u get ahead. Not that there was 1 gear map u missed.


This, this would be a great way unless of your one of the people whose account no matter how many hundreds of refills you use don’t get extra drop items.


Just cuz theres physical space you can see, doesnt mean they can just throw 5 roadmaps there. It may not even be reserved for roadmaps for all we know.


Coding isn’t magic. They probably didn’t want to overhaul an entire section just to fit gear map for a little longer. Especially since we don’t know if that’ll require an update.