Why was our Promises locked?

Stop dismissing the “Promises” you have made, you haven’t lived up to even half of them. Not only have you unpinned it but you have locked it. I will not let this go silenced and I won’t stop fighting for what we deserve. It should stay up until you have finished every single promise YOU all have made. If you cannot live up to what you make as a promise then do NOT make them.


They can of course post that Promise Roadmap to equal effect…


@GR.Scopely please unlock it and pin it back, seems like it got it auto locked, probably pinning it wont make it disappear in future.


where is it?

It’s hilarious you guys actually believed the bullshit Scopely promised.


is autolocked by 2 days without comment. a function for the forumsoftware

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Beats me, lol

Then why does it show GR’s name at the bottom,
whatever, i dont know i am new here. Thanks for pointing it out

You misunderstand me as believing instead of holding them accountable like we all should have always been doing. There is a difference.

No, I mean there are people that actually believed it though.

You’re definitely right that we shouldn’t believe anything they say, but since they said it I’m gonna make them know I hold them responsible for it

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Thats how the forum work. I bet they pin it back up and unlock it

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Never did, but still like Sawyer said gotta hold them responsible till the last breath of this game :grin:

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@The_Truth is correct.

This is what it looks like when a topic is auto closed:

(The cog icon is the system)

The promises thread:

Showing GR locked it

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I think it depends on who makes it, or if a mod changes its status midway. I’ve seen GR close threads on the weekend when he isn’t on, paradoxically - e.g Dev Tracker will display last post at 2m, yet ‘seen’ will be 1d

Calendar etc doesn’t get locked and no one posts on there, put it back up @GR.Scopely please until all promises are meet🤗

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Meh…girls make promises all the time then break them.

I should know.

Not even Scopely would remove the promises post many of us watch. Must be a mistake, right? A forum mod should be able to fix it. If someone knows how to tag them?

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@LadyGeek can u plz unlock this & repin promises thread?image|281x499

Parker gets a cookie. :cookie:

When a topic is created by a moderator, it will show the moderator closed it (when really they didn’t).
When a topic is created by a normal user, it will show closed by system.

I don’t go in and close my posts after 2 days, but if you look at my closed posts, it shows that I closed them.

I’ll go in and re-open it, but I typically don’t pin threads, even more so after someone from Scopely unpinned it.