Why was ERIC pulled from the sd


Why was ERIC pulled from the sales depot. This is bs


He is not pulled out…he is not in your supply depot right now.
Look at green Glenn


He will appear, trust me.


He was concerned about the sales depot tho


Blue dwight

Green Dwight

And I got that gleen lastis week


Someone in my region got him from the depot yesterday.


He is in there right now for me


got him from depot last week


El hecho que aparezca es porque en ese momento…

Esta disponible para la compra

Que no salga en Deposito de suministros no quiere decir que lo hayan sacado lol


It only says he’s not available in the depot because he isn’t CURRENTLY in your depot. If he were there, it’d reflect that.


But he has been pulled from ascendance list according to that picture when did that happen?


I got him from ascending a blue Shane last year I think I didn’t know characters were removed from the ascendance list??


Idk where y’all are looking, but I just checked my museum, and he’s still available via ascendance.


This is where I’m looking and if u don’t have him he doesn’t show up


Only reason why he shows up on urs is because u already have him in your roster already


He wont show as available in SD if not currently in your SD.




Hes there hes currently in my depot.


Anyone with money can still kill him if they took him away funny ^^


I have mine ascended, and when I tap on the ascendance icon, it sends me to 4* blue characters. As is too often the case, however, we get nothing official, and must rely on word of mouth. I hope you can get him, one way or another :four_leaf_clover: :crossed_fingers: