Why was back to back war cancelled?

Iv been rallying my team and keeping them interested based on the back to back wars that showed in the calendar a few days ago… now that one has been removed… why is the best part of the game the only thing that disappears… cancel some solo lvl up ffs and give us blitz war during the week… faction leader of #1 team here and we getting tired of this


enjoy the break for now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lmao they did such a lazy job of removing it they still have the Sunday portion of the second CRW on the calendar. Of course they would remove the second war, the war wheel ends after that weekend.


Always wonder why we only get 1 midweek Blitzwar every 3 months rather than Monthly.


Love how the tournament schedule always gets unpinned when they changed it lol


They might be fixing the region moving

Region transfers are this week though, so the war they didn’t cancel will be the one that interferes, right?

I bet you an S-Class Priya it’s an oopsie

I’d understand removing this week’s due to transfers. More than I understand the whole transfer policy


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely can we get a comment on why the second war has been removed now. Since you “had to” cancel this past weekend’s CRW it only made sense to run back to back to get things back on schedule and to make up for the lost war. But now you’ve removed the second of the back to back and again without making any comment to us.

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Maybe they removed the second war due to the holiday again. Sept 14 is national cream filled donut day


September is also National Velociraptor Awareness month. I can’t possibly war while I’m trying to observe this.



How dare you run war on ampersand day.? I demand it be changed immediately.


i hope this is false war during transfer? This was asked not because we hate war but if you’ve played for awhile last time war and transfers were the same weekend transfers were cancelled.

$Copley, for when you hate faction events

Now that is funny.

Hello Everyone,

Now that the Tournament of Champions event is over, I am in the process of having the events for the upcoming weeks double-checked by the team to avoid last minutes changes so make sure to check the calendar regularly for future changes.



The real care is in regions opening up not more level ups

I am hoping for a back to back war, or at least more faction events.

@GR.Scopely can you pass on the message to stop starting and/or ending ALL events at 5pm? Thats 1am-3am in Europe. Or are Europeans irrelevant?


While we’re complaining enough of the ■■■■■■■ solo events. Give us some ■■■■■■■ faction events with nice rewards. Why am I even in a faction? To war once a month?