Why unpin calendar

Why unpin it?
What it that screwed up that you unpined it?

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Still is I think. Too many pinned posts and some get bumped off. Bookmark it for quick access

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Thanks @Parker

Sadly it won’t let me me bookmark it so I have to search for it when it gets unpinned.

I always get this when I try to bookmark it

It will come back once GR gets back form new years holiday, he has been trying for us, depends when he gets supplied the info.

Hello there,

Calendar has been pinned again and updated with next week events.


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Not gonna look but I have a hunch there is a solo SR and solo level up :thinking: lol

Hope you have had a good xmas and new year GR :sunglasses:

No events after faction level up for a week lol

Please fix your calender. It’s totally wrong. Week 1 is the week from Monday Dec 30 to Sunday Jan 05. Have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_week_date#First_week

And January starts with Jan 1st, not Jan 6th. And January is not December. Please fix it and stop drinking if you have to work :wink:


Does VK have any information on any events between level up and war?

faction sr with cones for 1st place

Thanks oldman

@GR.Scopely is there any lvl up event this week solo or faction lvl ???

Solo level up starting in about an hour.

After that nothing until war?

The updated calendar was posted. Click the link from a few posts back in this thread then scroll to the bottom.

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