Why U use Kate?


Tell me mates why lots of peeps still using Kate in team? Whats doing her Focus??


Her focus covers everyone not just the 3 most active skills cover.

She can also pop turn 2 the same as active skills and can hold a 8% weapon speeding everyone else on the team up.

One of a few 5* still very viable on attack


Shhhhhh don’t tell the troglodytes!


Don’t forget 50% more attack


6* 3 target
5* 5 target


Katers gonna kate.


Uses her but not on def that’s what I do


In this new era she can hold her own as a support toon (one of the few 5* I bothered to put mods on.)
She’s also tenacious with an AD weapon :smirk:


haha. kate is garbage. everyone should depot her ASAP.


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Tenacity is good too when Kate is at the brink of death after being smashed by a green toon (if she does not get stunned lol).


please close this thread, its just a troll discussion. Kate is crap. everyone knows it. move on…


She isn’t. As far as I know she is decent. I am not alone to think so.


thats how you future proof a toon give them a useful utility


if you don’t catch my drift - stop talking about certain things on the forum - it always ends up in something getting nerfed or taken away from the player base. Get a fkn clue…


i use her only for faction assault…two of her…she helps get 2 million points…


She’s a niche toon. Serves a purpose for a subset of players…but, once you have certain 6*s she’s a waste of a spot in a team. I got her just in time for her to be nearly pointless, unfortunately


That’s why I said not on def all 5* are worthless on def unless your a noob or in a new region


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