Why u do this scopely?

Why does scopely stopped making less wars? , it is the most amazing event in the game…

CRW starting in mere hours* so why the need to complain?

(p.s. I think the double negative in your sentence implies they are doing the opposite of what I think you are actually complaining about).

*assuming the usual start time for a weekend CRW


Can you not let them have a holiday like the rest of us?

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Bc before they were making war everyweek now they delayed it.

False. War was always fortnightly. They delayed it one week so we could have a break over Xmas.

I understand most were pleased with that


Well actually Am not talking about this periode of holidays am talking since they delayed the schedule of wars

Well, this is my opinion about this topic. My point of view :wink:

When was war weekly?

in his “opinion”


Most likely a case of no blitz war syndrome

When getting 5* was like finding gold

U mad brah?

U mad brah?

Not at all brochief, just knownwar was never weekly

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It was weekly in 2016 google it to make sure

I have been around since war was first introduced brohammer, always every other weekend.


But brotenant sir in his defense there were maybe 2-3 times that wars were back to back like AOW one weekend to the next. Granted that isn’t what can be called consistent but their were a once a upon a time captain!

Troll over.


Bromander, i agree, we also went weeks on weeks without war at all, law of averages lol

I brolate you!

I started in Feb 2016, and here’s my record of the wars in 2016:
19-Feb-2016 Wanderer/Heath
04-Mar-2016 Clementine/Oberson/Vernon
18-Mar-2016 Abraham/Rosita
01-Apr-2016 Ezekiel/Richard
22-Apr-2016 Timothy/Rocky/Derek
14-May-2016 Cooper/Andrea/Eugene
21-May-2016 Bruce/Angela/Ezekiel
04-Jun-2016 Scout/Larry/Darius
18-Jun-2016 Lester/Sophia/Mark
02-Jul-2016 Bonnie/Shane/Rick
15-Jul-2016 Wilkins/Caroline/Joshua
29-Jul-2016 Norma/Morgan/Vernon
12-Aug-2016 Skylar/Darius/Carley
26-Aug-2016 Lori/Ezekiel/Rosita
09-Sep-2016 Tess/Norma/Morgan
23-Sep-2016 Jackson/MIrabelle/Dwight
07-Oct-2016 Davie/Wilkins/Eric
21-Oct-2016 Eugene/Bonnie/Caroline
04-Nov-2016 Morgan/Skylar/Caroline
18-Nov-2016 Maria/Kenny/Carley
02-Dec-2016 Erin/Eugene/Larry
16-Dec-2016 Laura/Clementine/Duane
30-Dec-2016 Brianna/Davie/Lee

Every 2 weeks, dude. (actually for a couple months they did it every 3 weeks).