Why top 3 never match each other?

I think it’s really weird that match making almost never matches most active and strongest factions vs each other. It’s like the whole system is designed to make whale factions feel good by matching them vs weak factions that they steamroll.


2 and 3 cant match as there same region


Than why they almost never match nr 1? In a fair system that tried to make matches as close as possible only absolute nr 1 would have 0 or close to 0 losses, everyone else should be barely above 60% winrate.

Actives stay active

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I’m guessing they have had 10 matches combined against the no1 so outcast have had 10% of there matches against no2 and no3

They keep matching the 88th ranked faction us lmao it’s not fun my behind hurts🤗


They wouldn’t be able to keep their pretty records if they matched each other


They have control over matches, the proof that u can’t match a faction of the same region :wink:

try to think at least a little. Matches are uneven, they begin to look for battles at different times and they rarely coincide.

It sucks being lined up with that #1 dominant faction over and over again. The other side of that coin is activity. Looks like outcast have 90 battles with 3rd having 67. I’m sure that drops down significantly the further down the list you get.

Meaning that the top factions barely have any down time, if any. Their ques fill almost instantly. Faster ques = more battles = high scores. They have to match up with someone and if they are always searching then your gonna find them more than anyone.

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