Why this is worse than the release of 6 stars

I notice everyone is comparing this reset to the release of 6 stars. Yes, I anticipate there being a mass exodus here, just like there was at the time, but this is far, far worse.

When 6 stars were released, most of them were old legacies. Shiva force zeke was given F2P and for a long, long time everyone was running Carl or Mira leads. Because almost everyone had one of those toons from the five star days. The exodus at the time was mostly whales who had left because their Uber rosters were suddenly entirely redundant. For a good while, the playing field was well and truly level. It was probably the most ‘closed’ the gap has ever been. It wasn’t until the release of the first OP six stars (Erika and michonne) that the gap started widening. And of course, they put ready-ascended toons on the wheel. For the first six months or so, anyone who was active was able to compete at most levels, and for a mid-level spender like myself, it was actually quite enjoyable. I was able to beat many players I’d never been able to previously. And because my roster only had a few premiers, I wasn’t too worried about them having become redundant.

This time they haven’t even dressed it up. Straight-up cash grab. It won’t just be the mega whales leaving, due to the enormous pressure on their wallets; it’ll be everyone. You either spend or die. It’s far, far worse.


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