Why this AOW isn't working

The main issue with this is that the “towers” privilege defense, knowing that advanced players choose vit/def/resurrect teams overall making the event longer and boring in general, main bonuses should give atack, it would also encourage shorter encounters and more fun.


no cause ur bad xd trololololo

But really, defensive towers suck, it takes away from the rush of battles. It turns opponents into bunkers.


Towers should all be offensive, in my opinion. That, or have defense towers that buff specific personas (not legendary toons) by double stats in order to entice making varied defense teams using 5 stars.


We know the current meta is slow and leans to time-out teams…

But hell, let’s slap some 40 and 30 def in there


It’s a sign that the game is coming to an end.

I have to wonder, how much of what makes it into the game is actually done by people. I mean, pretty sure the offers, for example, are just vomited up by an algorithm based on your spending habits, or in my case… the lack their of. Maybe I have a bit more faith in people but some are so bad, no person could be to blame.

Maybe the towers are the same thing. They have a bunch of random possibilities for war. They hit the button and just go with what comes out. How else can one explain, in the current state of time out/revive/shield teams, someone think, “You know what, more defense is what will make this fun.”

The thought just occurred to me, though. If the purpose is to drive spending, which we know it is, then having players bang their collective heads against these tower buffed defenses may lead some to try to get the new op attack toons for sale.

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