Why things will never get better

I’d like to thank @Aegris for their fantastic The Gates of Hell 2019 redux. For those of you who have not read it, it is a fantastic look back at the heaps and heaps of sh*t this company has made it’s player base wallow through in the name of enjoyment. And the hilarious thing is that this is just one year. I am sure that 2016, 2017 or 2018 versions of this would be similarly “enlightening”. Seeing all of those f_ck ups listed in one place made me realise that this company does not care for their players. They do not care about your experience. They do not care that you are misinformed or dissatisfied with the game. They do not care if bugs are rife. They do not care that in-game support lies. They do not care that Russian hackers provide more reliable information than they do themselves. They do not care that they are deceptively selling items with no value. They only care that your money keeps flowing in. And, as I said in response to that post:

Any single one of you who has moaned, complained, felt frustrated or annoyed and yet still dropped money into Scopely’s pockets are hypocrites.

Players United, $p€nding $trike, whatever the movement have all failed because they didn’t stop the thing that would really make a difference. Cash flow. Sure, they may have made some positive changes. But if the only reason a company makes those changes is because you are threatening their profits, is not clear and obvious what they are really concerned about? Even if all of us forum users were keeping our wallets closed, every time one of our faction mates blew a ridiculous sum on the latest OP character, or grumbled away without cancelling their sucker’s club membership, we were all complicit by not saying “dude, what the f_ck are you doing?”.

This weekend I did something I have not done since mid-September 2015. I didn’t open WD:RTS. In fact, I haven’t opened the game for around 60 hours now. I believe that this action ended a 1,277 day streak of logging into the game (which of course ignores the year-ish of logging in during the pre-prestige-era). I missed my faction winning the weekend SR, I have missed the Tiara’s, I missed the gold bars and daily S-class maps. And I am ok with that.

Around Tucker’s revelations I summed up all I had spent since my first in-game purchase: about £1500. This made me sick, despite it probably putting me in the “mild spender” category when you factor that it is about £30 a month. I could have brought a PS4 and a brand new game every 2 months for the last four years for that amount of money. I previously travelled for six weeks in South America and spent less than £1500. What makes it worse is that I have nothing to show for it. Literally, the only residual impact on me now is the small gap on my phone screen where a familiar app once sat.

But this post isn’t a swan-song, nor am I inciting other’s to quit. If you enjoy this game, great, keep going. For me, I came to realise it was an addiction that was having a negative impact on my life. I am therefore going sober. I have not “nuked my account” so a lapse is possible, but I can’t see it happening as I have not missed a single thing about the game over this last weekend.

I’d like to thank original Decatur region players for a blast - Don’t Need Luck, Chosen Ones, New World Order, Final Uprising, Testicle Festival, plus This is Spaaartaaa and S A V A G E S for giving me a home when most my original faction mates had quit. Not that any of them will see this.

I have been highly critical of Scopely on these forums, generally not to the point of being censored, but who knows what will happen with this post. Prior to this post I have 10,000+ likes and am in the elite Admired club so I like to think of as a respected member of this community, even if I haven’t always agreed with the posts being made here (and sometimes my sarcasm probably was too much for some). I think I’ve enjoyed uniting with other forum members to moan and bitch and whine about the game as much as I have enjoyed playing the game.

For those of you striving for change, keep it up.


Benjy (a.k.a Kanaima)


Noted. Goodbye


Please say you will still be on forums you always have great input on many matters.


I may check in from time to time.

Possibly just to see that things haven’t got better and to link back to this post and say “I told you so”…


Simply things will never go better cause peoples keep spending. No need to write all that

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Sad to hear this, I’ve always greatly enjoyed your point of view. Good for you that you’re free now, I guess. Take care

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All the best Kanaima. I’ve always enjoyed your well written posts and respect your opinions.

I too found that post very sobering to see all the screw ups from just one year in one place. Over the years I’ve gone from mid spender in the 5* era, to mild spender to ftp. I no longer see any value in spending money on this game and I’m sure that soon I’ll stop seeing any value in spending my time on it too because It won’t get any better.


Good luck @Kanaima and congrats, lost 3 from my old faction today, I think we’re all very getting tired of the game now🤗


Hopefully this game dies asap


Congrats on managing to wise up and quit this crap of a game. All the best to you @Kanaima. Hopefully you do don’t go back and continue like i have on a few occasions. I’m currently thinking that its finally time for me also. I hope i can follow suit.

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I’ve always respected your opinion @Kanaima and you have been very helpful to the community. Best of luck to you!

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Fair play to you Kanaima. Always enjoyed your forum posts. All the best

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Always enjoyed your sharp witted posts, critically focusing on things those matter. Which has been thought provoking fr. Cheers.

Tbf there’d never be a regret for the roads that have been taken, will be a wasted moments for the roads ahead. It’s what the essence of the road to survival imo. Even through mountains of disasters most were able to find bits of happiness to cherish about.
Here’s to a wonderful 2020. Take care. All the best. :sparkles:

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I think a lot feel the same at the moment mate. Just making excuses to log in in the hope that things improve


You will be missed, your insight was critical and your opinions on scopely were always spot on.

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I have been a Survivors Club member since day one! #noregrets

See ya @Kanaima


Sorry to see you go. You talked sense. More than a lot of people here.

Good luck.

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I feel like I’m in the same boat with this entire topic


IMG_2913 :hugs:image

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Happy for you, @Kanaima, but sad to see you go!
All that sarcasm in your posts, I actually liked it. It wasn’t the voice of reason, but the slap of reason, and many needed/still need that!
You take care and best of luck!

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