Why the sudden change Scopely?

Many people play on multiple regions, that doesn’t make them cheaters. It’s the reason for the option to be there in the first place. I don’t see how Scopely can fix this outside of making coins non-transferrable region to region?


Actually is has nothing to do with people playing in multiple regions but ok

So hypothetically speaking, say you played in 3 regions and had a legitimate claim to 3x the tokens and rewards…what’s the difference?

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This is not what happened but good try keep going

Oh I play in 3 regions above level 15 so :thinking: do I lose my legitimate claim to 10 tokens, because I took advantage of their screw up for more?

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Actually it had everything to do with people that play in multiple regions, tell me how it doesn’t?

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if it was against whats loosely considered fair play, then y wouldnt they freeze faction leaving/joining loke they do during every other event…length of event? they shoulda implemented other techniques to prevent it…compensation isnt fair for sure…if you miss log in or collection item, do you still get the reward? no. just a right time right place situation…

People didn’t have to leave their faction to get coins in other regions. Scopely should know by now that coins are bad idea for rewards given the way this game works.

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