Why the sudden change Scopely?

I don’t know if this was a mistake or not but either way an increase of 999 tokens for a pull is a big difference.

Did anyone else notice this?


Because people can’t just play the game normally they have to try to exploit it in every way shape or form and was exploiting coins due to a glitch


Can’t tell if sarcasm or genuine…


It wasnt really a glitch. More so a lack of foresight


Man, I love the people on here arguing about the word to describe this issue. Does it matter if it was a glitch, bug, exploit, hack, cheat or any other thesaurus entry under those?

It wasn’t intentional, that’s a fact, proven because Scopley stopped it.


Didn’t even know there was a glitch

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A bit of both to be honest

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U still mad u didnt get any coins? Hahshsh

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Just more punishing of us guys who were playing fairly :pensive:


I really wonder what this crap should! Why are regular players punished again and again? Who were happy about this event to get coins. I think this change is a huge sour! Zero vision of Scopely. The main thing is to make quick money!


This one didn’t really punish regular players though. It was there for everyone to do :blush:


I have the same thing here.

@JB.Scopely, @GR.Scopely, what are you gonna do with that?

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Regular players would have logged in at least a few times to use the free SR energy and would have noticed what was going on. SR was on around 12hours before Scopely modified wheel, that’s at least 6 times a regular f2p player would have logged in to utilise free energy.

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Raiding too much to get league coins is cheating?

Doing raids on several regions so you get coins on bronze league is cheating?

Doing daily missions on several regions for 15 coins is cheating?

No? Then the coin fest is not cheating also. Is called “getting the rewards”


Except with this exploit people could apparently just join a faction and immediately get the rewards that they already had without helping. With leagues and daily missions you had to work for your coins, with this exploit you just got them. Not a good comparison between the 2 (or 3 considering you threw daily missions in there).


But not all rewards are making you work for them. A daily log in is without work for example. Like we got Maggie or Solange.
So no, a reward doesn’t imply to work for it. Is just a reward to take if is there.

Also, if they wanted to avoid this, they could just easily give the rewards for lvl 15 players minimum. (When we could see the event).
There was no glitch, no bug. It was a part they did not take into consideration when relised the event.

Anyway, a roll back is impossible so a compensation would be the right move.


Or, a better way to avoid it, is to maybe take the time to actually set up and test events? I never said there was a glitch nor bug. I agree, compensation would be best, though I’m betting they’d rather go with a full on rollback.


Not sure how it is now, but before you could leave your faction close to end of week and join one in a higher league and get league tokens.


Yes and that’s for league tokens, that’s more or less of an exploit as well.