Why the name change?

All through this event the name on the daily “present” was named x day of carnage. But on the 12th day it changed to day 12 “presents”.

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I figured it was because “Presents” is harder to turn into “Garbage”


Don’t even care enough about the game to notice those subtleties :rofl::rofl:

Only scopely, what a joke. Lol. Every other game I may or may not play often gave away so many FREE gifts today.

The gifts in my other games were massive - but I do appreciate a Benedict. A GPS or Canteen would wear well.

I’m wandering if there was a change in gifts. Cause it seems like if they (the 12 days) were all created at the same time then they would all have same name. That’s why I asked.

I got furniture in Animal Crossing, and no in my face pop-up offers

A whole set of high level mods and some other miscellaneous goodies from SWGOH, plus pop-up offers that were actually useful and cheaper than even the cheapest offer in TWDRTS

Overall, TWDRTS was the most disappointing and worst handled

They most surely weren’t “presents” that’s for sure
I actually liked the golden nuggets event the main prize was very much so obtainable but the 12 days event was mediocre to say the least the only good reward was the Benedikt