Why the hell is there a LEAGUE TOON in the premier wheel?!

I’m all for giving out League Toons from previous seasons, but this isn’t the way to do it…


Good find. Typical Skopelie. :-1:

I didn’t even notice. Ridiculous.

Yeah premier wheels are wacky

Did ne1 pull her though? Might be a visual bug

Faction mate did


lol, Scopely what are you doing?..

They don’t care anymore. League toon in the Premier wheel. Museum collection for SC toon.


It Was probably an accident

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I demand compensation for this


Of all of the league toons they could have “accidentally” put in, they choose her :joy:


Hmm they need to up there game, laziness has no place in business🤗

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At least they could’ve had removed damn 4* Holly! :joy:

Huh? There’s no 4 star holly

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Tara was prior to requiring specific league toon gear so it isn’t too bad I suppose. She would be good to have if you missed her first time around. But I can understand the surprise to see her in the wheel

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Why Did You Quote Me?

Sorry! I meant to quote

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I think they mean 4 star Molly.

For some reason Scopely bunches her in with the first couple 6 stars sometimes…

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