Why the hell is Ascend 5 toons a weekly challenge? I’m barely Level 30

I don’t have the damn resources or even characters to actually ascend 5 toons. What an absolute joke, if you don’t want people getting free comics then don’t bloody offer them at all.

To say Scopely were meant to change this is a total ■■■■■■■ joke


Pull some basic tokens, max a 3* and ascend with the rest. Not saying it’s ideal, but the easiest way


I don’t be have that this week.

I don’t have that one either. Strange.

But I agree with OP. Ascending three stars for the sake of completing a mission is just silly.


They seem to have this habit of throwing random numbers hmmm all things considered.($)

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Ascending 5 character isn’t difficult for most. 3stars is a waste 4 star is worth while… The mission really shouldn’t be put on new or lower level players though it’s really not fair especially since they really could use the comics

I guess you need to level up to finish the missions. New accounts cant expect to win every single prize

The comics help new players the most they can save for a decent toon or upgrade andrea. Leveling up helps but they won’t have the basic tokens to get a bunch of 3 and 4 stars and might not have the gear or medals to ascend them

When I was level 30 I couldn’t complete all daily tasks, roadmaps or events too, keep grinding if you want to be able to finish everything. There were some people who had been playing for a year who couldn’t complete the red flag road maps, not everything should be possible for new players otherwise why bother grinding and improving

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I have this in my missions on my lvl 35 noob account. Never going to happen :joy:
So stupid.

I have millions of ascendance medals. Can’t say exactly how many because the MESH issue prevents me from accessing the game. But I have no-one that I actually want to ascend. Indeed, the lack of any toon worthy of ascending is the main reason that I have so many medals. Consequently, whilst I could ascend a great many characters I regard ascending even just one of them as a waste of medals. Having this as a mission target is just plain thoughtless of Scopely. Just because it can be done doesn’t mean that it should be done.

I got a few ppl to do but cant get on

Even at level 150 I don’t have enough 3*s spare to achieve this.

Even with the new basic tokens settup?

Basic tokens can give you 3s now. I’ve ascended 3s in order to meet the target but I still think it shouldn’t be a mission target.

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