Why the amount increase?

Before it was 12 beehives to complete one stage or the roadmap now it’s 16 4 more than the last. I was already scraping the barrel before now this had made it worse.
You need to make other Avenues for beehives available because 10 from level ups and 12 from raids and survival road is doing it for me.

Plus the last stage of the first roadmap was for 20 beehives it should of at least given out 2 or 3 tokens.

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sure they make more than 40 bear tokens available but they don’t say they don’t make hives available !!! like any event you have to pay . this is disgusting they are cheaters !!! while there are those who give them money they will always do so. keep throwing money to get all the characters possible they are happy and they will laugh at you too !!! your defenses paid for in weight of gold then fall easily even against attacks by teams at no cost and this burns ahaahahahah.

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Exactly that Brutus is a great toon so they are trying to make it difficult to get and they are succeeding.

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beehives are supposed to drop from arenas. But I think they forgot to turn on that this week, hence the 40 bee hives compensation, will be turned on next week.

According to Scopely that is…


There have been plenty of beehives available. I haven’t spent a penny on them and I’ve completed the first map and the first act of the second and there’s still nearly a month left of the event.

With the compensation given the amount available so far has been about right. When they eventually start dropping in arenas this should make up for the requirement increase on the roadmaps. Assuming the drop rates aren’t as terrible as the odds on the arrow bag!

They’re giving away a good and very unique toon and they want activity throughout the event, so they’re not going to make a ton available early on. Maybe give it a couple more weeks at least before accusing them of trying to cheat you out of anything.


we will see I have completed the first map by taking all the free hives if you have completed the first area of ​​the second map you will have used coins to get the hives. no wonder you defend them

No I haven’t actually. I just had enough to do it and now have zero hives left. 🤷

I don’t generally buy event items unless I really need them close to the end. I don’t want to waste coins spending early on and having unusable leftovers.


First map had 10 acts, 9 costing 12 bee hives and one costing 20, for a total of 128 hives, and gives 5 bear tokens.

Second map has 7 acts, all costing 16 hives, for a total of 112, and gives 5 4 bear tokens.

While the cost per act has gone up (and the number of stage rewards has dropped as there are now only 7 acts), cost per bear token has actually gone down, so completing the event is actually easier now.


Thanks @C.J for pointing out that it’s only 4 tokens, which does make it slightly more expensive (by 2.4 hives per bear token), but still does make it easier to collect all bear tokens that are available from hives - the overall number required to clear this part of the event has gone down.


Actually the second map only gives 4, but you are right, the overall cost still hasn’t gone up. Even if they had added another act costing 16 hives and giving a paw token, the cost per token would be exactly the same, not more.

I’m not a numbers person so hadn’t done the math myself, just going by your calculations :grin:


if they had added a map, the cost would be equal to 128 beehives they have not improved anything the fact remains that there are no beehives in the arenas and the opposite had been said. to get to the 40 guarantors there are still 31 tokens missing where do you think we find them? in the end only those who pay will have the bear despite having passed off as free

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@massi isn’t wrong

Passed off as f2p even tho some would argue it not being so, objectively from a lay person being able to earn something means you have to put some work in to get reward.

They said that enough tokens will be available through gameplay to collect Brutus. With nearly a month left on the event there is currently no reason to decide that it won’t be possible.


Nah, I’m the same.
Not spent a penny and onto act 2 of Week 2.
Just collected the daily freebies and hit all the milestones


First act of the 2nd? Thought I hadn’t missed any:

Have I missed a days giveaway?

Bravo on the maths Dr J👍

Not sure, the only things I remember buying recently is the 100 coin arrow bags and the 70 coin gear bags so if I have an extra 2 I don’t know where they’ve come from! 🤷 The honey bags have been too expensive or had other stuff in them that I don’t want to spend coins on.

I completed the 2nd map yesterday and figured out you only need around 110 112 beehives cause I was lazy and didnt feel like counting but it looks like more hives but it isnt I also didnt realize they shortened it

After a week of the bear event started, the only thing we know is 40 paws will be available for “free” we don’t know how?? Do one thing I’m sure is going to be hard, hard bcs we are playing in a dark route to the bear.
Maybe still early but the amount of hives from milestones and 2 daily, obviously it will not be enough ,3rd map comes needing more hives and so,that’s why they putting hives on arena drops. We don’t know how bad it will be the drops but don’t expect any hives bonanza from arenas.

They did not say ‘free’. They said ‘through gameplay’.
I won’t be a bit surprised if the 150k war milestone will be required.